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Expertly Formulated Multi-Strain Probiotic + Prebiotic

Everyday essential for maintianing a healthier gut.

✓ Backed by 20+ clinical studies

✓ Scientifically proven to reach the gut

✓ 25 billion CFUs & 13 strains targeting different areas of the gut

✓ Prebiotic fibre to increase natural diversity

Proactive Gut Health

Biomel Complete Gut contains live bacterial to complement the existing gut flora naturally present in a healthy person’s digestive system. There are trillions of microorganisms including different types of bacteria that live in our gut – the gut microbiome. They reside naturally within your body’s gastrointestinal tract & play an important role in maintaining overall well-being.

✓ Bloating


✓ Digestive Health

✓ Immune Health

Gut Dysbiosis?

Sometimes, the balance of bacteria in your gut can become imbalanced from things such as ill health, poor diet and/or antibiotics (which can kill off the necessary bacteria in your system), resulting in something called ‘gut dysbiosis’. You can help restore the balance in your digestive system by eating a diet with a rich rainbow of fruit and vegetables and can further assist this by taking a bacterial supplement.

Most Advanced Gut Health Product

Complete Gut is the only gut health supplement that combines a broad spectrum approach to gut health with 4 key pillars

✓ 25 billion live active cultures

✓ 13 unique strains

✓ 5 digestive enzymes

✓ 4 vitamins & minerals

Because Your Gut is at the Heart of Your Health

Gut health is essential to your overall health. Improving your gut health has been linked to increased nutrient absorption, reduced bloating, relieved IBS symptoms, resistance to infections and colds, improved mood and digestive regularly.